Our Teaching and Learning Approach

The Primary Connections 5Es teaching and learning approach is based on leading education research and encompasses:

  • A 5Es teaching and learning model with distinct phases that structure the learning journey
  • An inquiry and investigative approach that allows students’ questions to become the focus for student-planned investigations and the basis for developing scientific explanations
  • Students representing and re-representing their understanding using a variety of different literacies
  • Embedded, authentic assessment, including lots of formative assessment for learning
  • Collaborative learning opportunities, promoting more effective learning but also interpersonal skills such as engaging respectfully with other people’s ideas
  • Identifying links between the curriculum and outside of the classroom, to drive authentic and purposeful learning
  • A focus on developing evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Incorporating Indigenous perspectives 


Students whose teachers use our teaching and learning approach have been shown to have higher achievement in science, the literacies of science, and literacy more generally. For more details, see our research reports.