Assessment rubrics

All Primary Connections curriculum units have embedded assessment aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Science. The assessment rubrics summarise the assessment opportunities in each unit. They provide descriptions for students achieving ‘below’, ‘at’, or ‘above’ standard for their year level for each content description and associated achievement standard of the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Each individual unit fully aligns to one of the four sub-strands under the Science Understanding strand for a particular year level, for example, the Magnetic moves unit aligns to the Physical sciences sub-strand under the Year 4 Science Understanding strand. The Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour strands are developed over the year and fully addressed by the suite of units across each year level.

Where can I access the assessment rubrics?

We are continually evolving our assessment rubrics based on teacher feedback and to align to the evolving Australian Curriculum. To download the most recent PDF of the assessment rubric for a particular unit:

  • Login as a member
  • Navigate to the Curriculum Resources section and find the unit unit you are teaching
  • On the page about your unit, scroll down to the ‘More for members’ section

Do you have assessment rubrics aligned to state-based curricula?

We do not currently have rubrics for individual state-based curricula.  The majority of our units have been developed thanks to the funding of the Australian Government to align to the Australian Curriculum: Science.