My Curriculum Unit Planning

The full suite of curriculum units for Foundation to Year 6 to provide practical examples of how to implement our 5Es teaching and learning approach in the classroom. Each unit focuses on the Science Understanding of one of the four areas of science for a given year and contains everything a teacher needs, including full alignment tables against the Australian Curriculum:Science, as well as highlighted opportunities against Mathematics, English, Design Technology (for newer units), and general capabilities. Free supporting resources are available below each unit for members, including Assessment rubrics.

The curriculum units are extensively trialled in a cross section of schools across the country and from different sectors. They are also circulated to education experts and Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science, They are refined using all this information to provide a practical, quality resource.

We encourage teachers to adapt the units for their own contexts and purposes, and indeed to plan their own. A few resources to help with this are available below to members that have signed in.

Unit map PDF

Backward Design Unit Planner (brief)

Backward Design Unit Planner (detailed)

National Scientific Literacy Progress Map

Good Science Books

Quality Matrix

Product Procedural Plan and Evaluation

Primary Connections' Facilitation tools and techniques handbook