Can I modify Primary Connections resources?

Published 24 October 2019

Wrapped around literacy, Primary Connections Curriculum Units provide teachers an exemplary, inquiry learning sequence which, when brought to life by teachers, engages students through hands-on activities, opportunities for representation using multiple modalities, collaboration, reflection, self and peer assessment. Learning activities embedded in units are rich and offer great scope for teachers to learn from students, with students and about student learning of science. Herein lies the flexibility and agency.

Observing, using questioning to probe and by providing feedback, activities offer teachers great flexibility to monitor and adjust teaching to afford students just-in-time, differentiated learning.

Primary Connections supports teachers to modify Primary Connections Units in order to meet student interests, to increase relevance to local and school contexts, and to meet state-based syllabus or curriculum. Our teaching and learning approach is grounded in the 5E model of guided inquiry. Primary Connections Units are examples of how to implement the 5E model in primary science, in an Australian context. All Units are trialled in Australian primary classrooms before being made available. External research and evaluation shows that students of teachers who teach the Units as they are written make significant progress in science. Modifying the Units to meet student needs and interests, while still adhering to the 5E model, can be even more effective.

Information and resources that might be useful for you and your colleagues when considering implementation of the Primary Connections approach:

  • When modifying lessons, ensure that you retain the purpose of each phase. The 5E model provides a framework for a constructivist, guided-inquiry approach where students are supported to think and work scientifically by gathering and analysing their own evidence, and communicate their ideas with others. An overview of the 5E model can be found here.
  • To guide your planning and modifications, download the Backward Design Unit Planners.
  • Find out more about implementing each 5E phase by watching our short videos.
  • Teachers wishing to increase their own science understanding are invited to use this resource, made just for teachers and written by our scientists.

All 40 Primary Connections Units are available for free download from Scootle. Supporting resources for each Unit (assessment rubrics, editable student resource sheets, equipment lists etc) are available for free download from our curriculum resources pages.