PC Staff holding $10K cheque

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Community Grant

Published 06 November 2017

This $10,000 cheque is the first of three over three years, generously donated to PrimaryConnections through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Community Grant. This grant is funded through the donations of CBA employees, who then get to choose the organisation they donate to. We will use this grant to offer an educator from every school in the ACT to attend a minimum of two funded and full-day professional learning workshops designed to build teachers’ confidence and competence for teaching science and literacy.

This flyer outlines the two workshops being offered and we recommend the same teacher attend both workshops to consolidate their learning and broaden their perspective on the role of science literacy in developing student capacity in STEM. [Please note: to give all schools an opportunity, we are inviting one teacher per school to attend. If there are any places remaining, these may be offered to people on a wait list.]

Workshop 1 ($50)
Teaching Inquiry Science: Primary Connections in a STEM Context
Friday 4 May 2018 (8:45am-4pm) Australian Academy of Science (The Shine Dome) ACTON

Workshop 2 ($50)
Focus on STEM: Teaching Design Technology through Science Inquiry
Friday 8 June 2018 (8:45am-4pm) Australian Academy of Science (The Shine Dome) ACTON