National Science Week 15-23 August 2020

Published 31 July 2020

How will you and your students acknowledge Science Week this year?

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.
This year, the school theme is ‘Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans’.


Stimulate student inquiry with these videos

In these resources, you’ll find short, engaging, high quality, scientifically accurate video content linked to curriculum, and the National Science Week schools theme. We’ve included guiding questions to stimulate students’ thinking about topics, reflective questions after watching the video, suggested pedagogy to collect and represent students’ ideas, and links for furthering student inquiry.

The plastic problem that's harder to see
Topics: pollution, plastics, microplastics, ecosystems (food chains)

Virtual reef diver
Topics: Great Barrier Reef, conservation, citizen science

Measuring ocean temperatures
Topics: oceans, STEM, technology, climate change, extreme events, scientific research

Tracking killer whales
Topics: scientific research, conservation, ecosystems, biodiversity

Linking science with maths

Support your students to explore and describe marine animal behaviour using a mathematics lens with this lesson from our colleagues at reSolve: Maths by Inquiry. In the sequence, students map their movements over the course of a typical day. They examine these maps to decipher their behaviour based on the data they have collected. Students then use the Reef Tracks website to examine similar data on a chosen animal and consider the behaviours this data reveals about their animal.

Resource Book

Take a look at the Resource Book of Ideas for National Science Week, produced by the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA). It’s jam-packed with ideas for addressing ocean topics and issues with your students.

Stay up-to-date

Keep an eye on our Facebook posts for ideas to inform your planning for National Science Week.