Science at home: a lesson sequence

A teaching and learning package including a lesson sequence and supporting resources that are modified versions of our familiar curriculum units.


These lesson sequences support teachers to facilitate science learning for students who are at home.

The resources have been developed to be flexible, catering for the many different approaches to home-supported learning that schools have adopted. We acknowledge the role of parents and carers as supporters of learning led by teacher expertise.

Ideally, Science at home resources should be implemented with teacher guidance so that timing, context, curriculum, and assessment can be accounted for.

Science at home resource packages offer flexibility, and include:

  • PowerPoint slides
    Teachers can edit to cater for student literacy levels, and for family resources.
    Teachers might use the PowerPoint to facilitate lessons in real-time via video, record a voice-over for students to access at a time that suits them, or send to parents to guide the learning at home.
  • Teacher guide
    Outlines formative assessment opportunities and links to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Parent guide
    Summarises the Primary Connections approach.
    Provides an overview of the lesson sequence, and the resources required.



Biological science, Foundation to Year 1

From little things, big things grow

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Chemical science, Year 3 to 4

Which material is best?

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Earth and space sciences, Foundation to Year 1

Weather Watchers

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