Our Partners and Supporters

Australian Government

The Primary Connections: Linking Science with literacy project is currently supported by the Australian Government to provide professional learning to preservice teachers and teachers in regional, rural and remote Australian communities (including those with a significant Indigenous population), to develop three new curriculum units, and to update the website. Primary Connections has enjoyed Australian government support since 2005 which has included the development of a professional learning program and 31 curriculum units.

Eucalypt Australia

Eucalypt Australia supported and collaborated on the development of our curriculum unit Among the gum trees, the Among the gum trees Information text and the Eucalyt ID cards to support the teaching of the unit. Funding provided by Eucalypt Australia enabled the development of these resources and the opportunity to provide four complimentary copies of the Information text to every primary school across the country. Selected regional and remote schools also recieved complimentary copies of the curriculum unit and the ID cards. 

Primary Industries Education Foundation

The Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) supported and collaborated on the development of our curriculum unit Rising salt. PIEFA is a not-for-profit company and source for primary industries educational information and resources to help build knowledge about this sector. PIEFA works with schools, teachers and systems to promote and encourage teaching and learning related to the production of our food and fibre resources in the context of mainstream curriculum.

Interested in collaborating with Primary Connections?

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