Student Science Journals


What is a Student Science Journal?

Primary Connections Student Science Journals support the teaching of each curriculum unit. Each full-colour journal provides scaffolding to support students’ journalling while providing scope for further notes and ideas. All resource sheets are included, as well as extras such as literacy focus samples and stimulus images.

How do I use a Student Science Journal in the classroom?

  • Before teaching a Primary Connections unit, familiarise yourself with the journal to see how and when the two work together.
  • Whenever the student journal is referred to within the lesson steps of the unit, there will be a matching page/section in the student journal.
  • Some of the key questions in each lesson are included in the journal for students to record their own ideas before contributing to class discussions.
  • All resource sheets have been included in an enhanced form, and may be spread over a few pages.
  • Stimulus pictures, in particular for Engage, have been included if appropriate. Additional pictures can be shown to the class to individualise and contextualise learning.
  • Blank journal pages have been included to provide some flexibility. You can direct students to record journal entries or questions, or they can leave those pages blank.

What about resource sheets that require students to cut them out?

Pages that are to be cut out will usually have a reference page that remains within the lesson. A copy to be cut out is at the back of the journal. Having a reference page means that when students, and parents, look at their journal they can remember what they did (even if cut outs have subsequently been misplaced).

Can I teach the unit without purchasing the journal?

Yes. The ready-made student journals are designed to support, and enhance, the teaching of the unit but they are not a requirement.

Which units currently have Student Science Journals available?

Student Science Journals are available for all Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 units. 

How do I purchase Student Science Journals?

The Student Science Journals are only available through Abacus Educational Suppliers:

Can I purchase individual copies or only packs of ten?

They can be purchased in packs of ten or invididually.

How long will they take to arrive?

The majority of orders are despatched within 24 hours and are expected to be delivered within 5-10 working days. All orders are delivered by Australia-wide freight, with tracking available. If you would like to use your own courier, need express freight or your order is taking longer than estimated, please don’t hesitate to contact Abacus on (08) 9445 7133.

What are the literacy focuses?

Primary Connections curriculum units highlight opportunities to develop students’ literacies through a ‘literacy focus’. These are all included in an illustrated Appendix in the Student Science Journals. Students are promoted to refer to the Appendix whenever relevant to the activity they are completing. The illustrations provided in the Appendix are not intended as answers for the relevant pages, rather an example of what the literacy products could look like.

How is student self-assessment addressed?

Included in the Student Science Journals is a student self-assessment checklist called ‘What can I do?’. This checklist provides students the opportunity to assess themselves, before and after completing the unit, against the three strands of science in the Australian Curriculum: the relevant Science Understanding for the unit, the Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour.

Do the individual word walls replace the class word wall?

No, they do not replace the class word wall. The students’ word wall provides them with the opportunity to have their own record of key vocabulary. They can also chose to add words as per their individual needs.