As a federally funded program our units align to the Australian Curriculum: Science. All state-based curricula must adhere to the Australian Curriculum, therefore the majority of our units cover your state-based syllabus/curriculum.

NSW Syllabus - How can Primary Connections support you to implement the NSW Syllabus Science and Technology K-6?

Download this PDF for more information: NSW Syllabus Support Document (updated Oct 2018)

All of our Curriculum Units are available as a free download from Scootle.

Supporting resources for each Primary Connections Unit are also freely available. Supporting resources include assessment resources, rubrics, editable student E-resource Sheets, equipment lists, and curriculum alignment summaries.

Primary Connections Units are available as hard copies for purchase from Abacus Educational Suppliers

Yes. Find out how Primary Connections supports teachers to differentiate primary science.

Linking science with literacy: The Primary Connections approach

Also refer to ACARA’s guidance regarding catering for student diversity, and providing students with opportunities to work with learning area content in more depth or breadth; encompassing specific aspects of the general capabilities learning continua

We support teachers to modify Primary Connections Units in order to meet student interests, to increase relevance to local and school contexts, and to meet state-based syllabus or curriculum. Our teaching and learning approach is grounded in the 5E model of guided inquiry. Primary Connections Units are examples of how to implement the 5E model in primary science, in an Australian context. When modifying lessons, ensure that you retain the purpose of each phase of the 5E model. The 5E model is a constructivist, guided-inquiry approach where students are supported to make conceptual change by gathering and analysing their own evidence. An overview of the 5E model can be found here.

Find out how Primary Connections supports teachers to modify Primary Connections Units, or to design their own Unit.

Plan a unit using the principles of Primary Connections


Primary Connections supports teachers to embed assessment throughout science inquiry.

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We have a number of Units that model how to incorporate Design and Technologies through science inquiry.

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Primary Connections has a suite of units across Foundation to Year 6 that fully align to all strands of the Australian Curriculum: Science.  

In all Units, some aspects of the Mathematics, and English are addressed.

Cross-curricular priorities of Sustainability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, are suggested when relevant to the learning context. Opportunities to develop students’ general capabilities are identified throughout our curriculum units.

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Nine of our Units also incorporate Design and Technologies.

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We’ve been around for more than 15 years, working with and for teachers to bring innovative and contemporary resources and professional learning that enrich primary science education in Australia. We’re more than a set of Units; we offer a unique approach to teaching guided-inquiry science, which results in a proven increase in student learning outcomes.

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Primary Connections has embarked on a digital transformation. We are working on new platforms, and modes of delivery, that will further enhance our approach and offer more options for teachers to tailor, facilitate and assess guided-inquiry science in primary schools. Watch this space!


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Everything you need to implement quality guided-inquiry primary science can be found in the Resources and pedagogies pages. Explore our Professional learning page to find out about our current professional learning offerings. Navigate to the Inspiration page to access provocative videos, images, and articles designed to enrich science programs that are facilitated by Australian teachers.

Each unit comes with a list of suggested equipment; simple, readily available resources for teaching science. Find equipment lists for individual units, or for our whole suite of units.

Exploring this resource, designed just for teachers, written by our scientists.

Science Background Resource


Primary Connections has ceased the development and sale of our Interactive Teaching Resources (ITRs).  We are reviewing our digital strategy and look forward to sharing our next steps in the digital space with you in the future.  

If you have already purchased an ITR license, it will continue to function as normal on your ITR Bookshelf. You can contact us with any queries by emailing