Using the new Primary Connections website

Explore the features and functions of our new website.

Introducing our new integrated suite of professional learning-powered teaching resources for all career stages and contexts.

Watch this short video overview for a tour of the new website and its key features.




Using our new online teaching sequences

These interactive resources support teacher practice, integrate the latest research and explain the design thinking behind each decision. Embedded professional learning supports understanding of key ideas and pedagogical practices.

Browse the range of sequences available, using the Year level and/or Australian Curriculum Strand filters to find what you are looking for.

Looking for the downloadable AC V8.4 resources from our previous website? You'll find them all in our Classic sequences section.

Each task features integrated professional learning with teaching strategy support embedded in the teaching sequences, as well as connections to aligned professional learning resources.

Use the floating ‘design lens’ tool to toggle on enhanced advice and support, specific to each lesson step.

Editable downloads for you and your students accompany each task, so they’re easy to use and adapt.

The pedagogical toolbox is full of research-based strategies are woven into each sequence, to support you and your students in the classroom.

You can also explore the toolbox at your own pace to take a deeper dive into particular areas of interest or practice.

The science content section of the site features in-depth articles about subject area content to support you and your students to develop deep understanding. The content areas match the teaching sequences so that you can move between the two.

Finally, you can search the site via the top menu and use a range of filters to find content.

Share your feedback

The site will continue to evolve, with new sequences and additional features planned for release across 2024-25. We’re keen to hear your feedback about the content, features and functionality of the site—you can use the “Feedback” tab from any page to share your ideas with us.