Teaching sequences for AC V9

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Finding features

Students use their senses to explore the external features of plants and animals, and learn how to group plants and animals with similar characteristics. They apply this knowledge to design and make a digital or physical scientific model of a plant or animal. 

Biological sciences
Biological sciences
Year 1

Any day outdoors

Students identify daily and seasonal changes and describe ways these changes affect their everyday life. They explore this concept through the context of planning for a picnic or an open-air school-related event. 

Earth and space sciences
Year 2

Take, shape and create

Students learn about the properties of materials and how materials can be physically changed without changing their inherent properties. They apply this knowledge to design and make a 3D sculpture using repurposed everyday materials.

Physical sciences
Year 3

Scorching swings and slides

Students learn about the transfer of heat, resultant changes in temperature and the conductivity of materials. They explore real-life applications by designing a playground or piece of playground equipment that limits the impacts of heat.

Physical sciences
Year 4

Sustain the chain

Students learn about the roles and interactions of consumers, producers and decomposers with their local habitat and use food chains to represent the feeding relationships. They apply their knowledge to their school grounds and develop agency in their local environment.

Biological sciences
Year 5

Light: Year 5


Physical sciences
Year 5

Communicating matters

Students learn about solids, liquids and gases, determine their properties and consider how their particulate arrangement relates to their properties and behaviour. They study science communication to communicate what they have learned.

Chemical sciences
Year 6

Circuit breakers

Students learn about the role of the components in an electrical circuit and how they affect the transfer and transformation of energy. Using the context of blackouts, students explore how switches work and design prototype backup electrical circuits.

Physical sciences