Weather in my world addresses the AC Science Understanding ACSSU004 Daily and seasonal changes in our environment affect everyday life, in the context of observing, recording, investigating, and reporting on the local weather.

Weather in my world provides students with hands-on opportunities to:

  • identify distinctive characteristics of the weather
  • develop understanding about the air, sun and wind
  • increase knowledge of how the characteristics of weather affect their daily lives

Students apply their new learning by:

  • recording and reporting on a weather investigation

Linking science with literacy

In the Primary Connections approach, students are supported to create representations that draw on and strengthen their literacy development. In Weather in my world, students represent and explain their understanding about how daily and seasonal changes in our environment affect everyday life, by creating these representations:

  • Drawing
  • Data table
  • Factual recount
  • Factual text
  • Word wall

External resources

For weather information all over the country.

Site that showcases Indigenous weather knowledge for some sites around Australia.