Playlists: curated digital resources

A curated list of resources, available on Scootle, that complement the teaching and learning of a Primary Connections unit. Playlists include texts, photographs, videos, interactive games and activities.

Science for families: mini explorations

Educational activities with supporting resources, suited for a range of ages, varied topics and using everyday items found in and around the home.

Science at home: a lesson sequence

Teaching and learning packages including a lesson sequence and supporting resources that are modified versions of our familiar curriculum units.

Online professional learning

Short, online courses. Free for Australian teachers.

Primary Connections is developing learning and teaching resources suitable for implementation under the current circumstances. In developing resources, as much as possible we aim to:

  • Give teachers flexibility and agency with resources to most appropriately deliver at-home learning for different contexts and student needs.
  • Equip teachers to support parents and carers to implement learning at home.
  • Link science with literacy, be guided by education research, incorporate collaborative learning principles, and include opportunities for investigating and embedded assessment.
  • Encourage curiosity, build an awareness of science in our everyday world, and develop scientific literacy.

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Science will solve this, teachers will shine through this.

External resources

Fact-checked and reliable COVID-19 information from the Australian Academy of Science.

Short, engaging articles and videos on a range of science topics. Rigorously reviewed by Fellows of the Academy and other experts in the scientific field.

An innovative national program that promotes relevant and engaging mathematics teaching and learning from Foundation to Year 10.

A comprehensive online secondary school science program for Years 7 to 10.