New learning paths available on Scootle!

Playlists contain teacher and student resources, and while teacher resources are best suited for use in the classroom, the student resources listed may support you to deliver online or at home exploration of science.

Resources in Primary Connections Playlists either complement a specific lesson in a Primary Connections unit, or support, extend or broaden student understanding of the science concept explored in that unit.

Each resource on the list is accompanied by a brief explanation suggesting the phase or phases in which teachers could integrate the resource, including how it aligns with the purposes of the 5E teaching and learning framework, and outlines ideas for how the resource might be used.

Playlists are available to complement these Primary Connections curriculum units:

  • On the move (Physical sciences, Foundation)
  • Schoolyard safari (Biological sciences, Year 1)
  • Water works (Earth and space sciences, Year 2)
  • Melting moments (Chemical sciences, Year 3)
  • Friends or foes? (Biological sciences, Year 4)
  • Earth's place in space (Earth and space sciences, Year 5)
  • Change detectives (Chemical sciences, Year 6)
  • Essential energy (Physical sciences, Year 6)


To browse the new Playlists:

  1. Log into Scootle via:
  2. Search for 'PC' or ‘Playlist’ on the 'Shared Learning Path' tab on the Learning Path page.
  3. Read the article below to learn how to save a learning path, edit it, and share it with your students.

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