When designing or modifying units, ensure that you retain the purpose of each phase of the 5E model.

The 5E model is a constructivist, guided-inquiry approach where students are supported to make conceptual change by gathering and analysing their own evidence.

Information and resources that might be useful for you and your colleagues when considering implementation of the Primary Connections approach:

An overview of the 5E model

A one-page summary of the 5E teaching and learning model. Use it to inform planning, implementation, and modification of Primary Connections units.

Download resource (PDF, 73KB)

Backward Design unit planner (brief)

A brief unit planner to guide intent and practice.

Download resource (PDF, 41KB)

Backwards Design unit planner (detailed)

A detailed, multi-page planner to scaffold integration, assessment and the inclusion of key learning outcomes.

Download resource (PDF, 208KB)

Good Science Books

Fiction and non-fiction books sorted by age and science topic.

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Linking science with literacy: The Primary Connections approach

Embedding assessment: The Primary Connections approach

Watch: Planning science units using the Primary Connections principles

Watch how teachers bring the Primary Connections approach to life!

Science Background Resource