Science content

Want to explore primary science concepts in more depth? We break down the big ideas for each science strand.

Physical sciences big ideas

The physical sciences involve the study of forces and motion, and, matter and energy. How an object moves is influenced by a range of contact forces (friction) and non-contact forces (magnetic, gravitational, and electrostatic). Energy can come in many forms (heat, light, sound, electricity) and can be transferred between objects or transformed from one form to another.

Earth and space sciences big ideas

The Earth and Space sciences involve the study of the dynamic interdependent nature of Earth’s systems and how it is part of a larger astronomical system. Interactions between Earth’s systems and astronomical systems can be explored over a range of time scales.

Biological sciences big ideas

The biological sciences involve the study of the diverse range of living things, their interdependence on each other, and their interactions in the environment.

Chemical sciences big ideas

The chemical sciences involve the study of the composition and properties of substances. This involves classifying substances, exploring physical changes (changes of state or dissolving), and how chemical changes result in the production of new substances.