Primary Connections: Linking science with literacy is an innovative program developed by the Australian Academy of Science linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools.

Primary Connections is a comprehensive approach to primary science education. The Primary Connections approach is framed by the 5E model of guided-inquiry. It embeds assessment, collaborative learning, links to literacy, and hands-on investigations. The approach also authentically integrates relevant learning areas.

Primary Connections provides exemplary curriculum resources and comprehensive and practical professional learning, with a focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy. All resources are based on contemporary research and extensively trialled by Australian teachers.

Our values

We value learning.

We value learners and educators.

We value high quality.

We value the importance of scientific literacy.

We value science as a way of knowing, thinking, and communicating.

Our project

We focus on the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy, in an evidence-based and guided-inquiry approach.

Primary Connections offers curriculum resources and professional learning; a comprehensive and practical program that empowers teachers to implement inspiring and engaging science.

Curriculum resources

Primary Connections has developed a suite of units for Foundation to Year 6 based on the 5E model. Each unit provides a clear and practical teaching approach including comprehensive teacher advice and student resources. Other curriculum resources include strategies, an approach to STEM, assessment guides, student resource sheets, an Indigenous Perspectives Framework, and classroom displays.

Professional learning

Our professional learning program is designed to build teacher confidence and improve student learning outcomes in science and literacy. It focuses on the pedagogical, evidence-based principles underpinning Primary Connections, and shows how these can be easily applied in the classroom.

The professional learning program gives teachers the tools to apply the Primary Connections approach, philosophy and goals. Teachers develop their pedagogical content knowledge, and explore how to effectively use, adapt, extend or create engaging science learning experiences to suit their students' needs.

Australian Curriculum

Primary Connections is fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science. It covers the three interrelated sub-strands—Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavor, and Science Inquiry Skills. Primary Connections also aligns with many content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Technologies, and English.

The Primary Connections resources are also aligned with the general capabilities and the cross-curriculum priorities as they relate to Science, Mathematics and English.

Literacy focus

Literacy foci are embedded in every unit to assist students to use literacy skills to learn science literacy. Students think about, reason and represent their understanding of science by using science journals, graphs, diagrams, tables, role-plays, word walls and more.


Primary Connections has undergone substantial trialling and independent evaluation. Our approach, resources and professional learning program is grounded in evidence and informed by contemporary research.