Year 2


Pushing and pulling, and floating and sinking - how are they related? In this unit learn about the forces of push and pull and how they work in water and in the air.

Push-pull addresses the AC Science Understanding ACSSU033 A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape, in the context of inquiring about how toys move.

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Push-pull provides students with hands-on opportunities to:

  • explore pushes and pulls
  • observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water, and on the ground
  • identify the effect of the pull of gravity
  • learn that both air and water can 'push'

Students apply their new learning by:

  • planning and conducting an investigation of the factors that affect a paper whirly-bird’s fall through air

Linking science with literacy

In the Primary Connections approach, students are supported to create representations that draw on and strengthen their literacy development. In Push-pull, students represent and explain their understanding about how a push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape, by creating these representations:

  • data table
  • force-arrow diagram
  • factual text
  • word wall

This is a classic Primary Connections sequence aligned with the Australian Curriculum V8.4. It is only available as a downloadable package.

The Push-pull sequence package includes all the resources you need to teach this sequence, including:

  • The Push-pull unit PDF
  • Equipment list
  • Australian Curriculum v8.4 alignment
  • Student eResource sheets
  • Assessment resources:
    • Assessment rubrics
    • Work samples
    • Student self-assessment
    • Achievement standard class checklist

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