Year 4

Lesson 5 • Food chains

Students explore a model of a food chain. They gather data that outline how food, shelter, predators and water affect the survival of a kangaroo population and use a graph to explain their observations.

Sustain the chain

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Students will:

  • explore a model of a food chain.
  • play several rounds of the game of Roo survival.
  • discuss ideas about what the game represents.
  • graph and interpret the data from the game of Roo survival.


Students will represent their understanding as they:

  • describe how a change in the availability of resources in an ecosystem has an effect on an animal population.
  • identify interactions between organisms within an ecosystem.
  • construct a graph using the data from the game.
  • interpret the patterns of the graph to describe the impact of different factors on Roo survival.
  • discuss their observations and ideas on food chains, and the impact of human activity with the class.